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Dear Airlines — Please Check Your Policies

SouthWest (thank you SouthWest) will refund the 2nd fare to large travelers if there is an empty seat on your flight.  I don’t know if other airlines do this or not, but it can make a huge difference for those trying to stay within a budget when traveling.

I’ve contacted JetBlue and requested they amend their policy to do the same — and gotten a response that it would be looked into.  Hopefully they will make the smart decision and alter their policy to make their airline more “fatTraveler friendly”.

A major goal of this blog is to help promote higher levels of comfort for ALL travelers.  By making it more feasible/reasonable for those who are wider than the average traveler to get the extra space they need, without “spilling over” into the seats of other passengers, travel can be made more comfortable for all of us.

So how about it airlines?  Are you going to help us out here and alter your policies so that instead of effectively punishing larger travelers for their size, you instead encourage them to buy 2 seats, but will work with them to refund the 2nd seat if there would otherwise be space available anyway?

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Welcome A-Board! (or should that be A-Blog?)

This blog exists for the purpose of giving the ample of frame a place to discuss various places they’ve been. As well as how accommodating those places have been to whatever special needs they had.

Were the seats commodious and comfortable? Were there chairs without arms available? Were the bathrooms easily accessible and useable? Was the staff courteous?

Please, feel free to tell us where you’ve been and how it worked out for you. We’re interested.

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